My Glorious Obsession
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 11:30PM
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Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Dear Friends and Family:  In recent days my attention has been focused on those present day occurrences which fulfill prophecies of the last days.  Having my Bible opened to Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, Zechariah match up with the nightly news showing: Alignment of nations in preparation for battles against Israel; Technical advances and progressions in banking coalitions that facilitate a one world global economy, government, religion; Geologic/meteorologic extreme weather systems that leave us awe struck.

Observing studying pondering and praying about these events consumes my personal energies and resources and will continue on  until Jesus returns or takes me home.  By God's grace I am dedicated to enabling our evangelistic team in Uganda to take the Gospel to Africa, distributing thousands of Bibles as they go.  Finding disabled people that we can help with treatment, will fulfill the passion and joy expressed and lived out by Michael Meaney. (Project Michael's Heart)
     The Lord continues to help us establish new schools such as Katemwa Village School with Pastor Paul Ssekabira, plus enabling existing ones to flourish. For John T. Miller School we need $2000.00 for 3rd quarter student tuition fees. For Katemwa Village School, to finish school buildings and begin classes.  $500.00.                                                    
     Many children have been raised out of the dirt with surgery and medical aids. $800.00  Emmanuel, the man Mike found on the road and brought him to the Lord, he needs to have his leg amputated It is our work to help this take place so he can get on with his life.  What a fitting gift from Mike.  He will possibly wear Mike's prosthetic leg which I sent in the last container.$500.00.
   This pix is of Mike talking with Emmanuel, leading him to Jesus (2009)
Mike pulls up his trousers to show his titanium prosthetic legs saying," I see you have difficulty walking as I do." He arranged for Emmanuel to go to the orthopaedic hospital in Kampala for surgery. After a second hospital stay, Emmanuel's leg became infected.(2011)  He needs to return to have it amputated.(2012). 
     A recent trip to Democratic Republic of Congo by 4 of our evangelistic team where we need yet to distribute Bibles $500.00.
They report the people received them with "joy and gladness", longing for their teachings and requesting their return. This village of Nyirangongo rests atop Mt. Nyirangongo, all volcanic rock from a '73 eruption. There is not vegetaion for a radius of 300 km.  The team states, "Life and mission in Congo requires a person who is a real evangelist and called by God to that place."
For future evangelistic excursions outside of Uganda  we need petrol, Bibles, food/gifts for villagers, possibly airfare. $4000.00
For mission trip to Uganda October 2012 for Marie, $4000.00.
Village Evangelism  for this gentleman included a "new" grass/stick house with plastic roof.
Thanking you dear friends for your faithful enabling of our intentions to bring Jesus' love to Africa.  Gloriously obsessed and energized by hope in Jesus, Marie
pix #3 A reunion of Jackson and his Jajja Marie sitting on Jajja Mike's grave (6-28-11)


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