Epilogue to Cow Redemtion Day
Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 10:57PM
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It is many years past the time of the rescue of the Myalirro orphans. They have grown up.  Shortly after the children were settled in Kampala area, the capital city of Uganda, a huge scheme of deception was exposed to Mike and Marie (see Cow Redemption Day).  We were at home in Bellevue when we learned of this scheme of deception and so Mike quickly planned an emergency trip to Uganda to get to seek and reveal the truth in this predicament and deal with all of the principals involved.  The story of this trip is In Cow Redemption Day.  It was important to Mike during this traumatic time that no one person be marked and vilified so that ministry to the children could continue onward.

It was with great relief that we received the following letter of apology from the local pastor to the Africa Village Ministries board:

Antone Lulwangwa a brother in Christ Jesus according to the grace of God.  To the brethren in the USA.  May the grace and peace of Christ Jesus our Lord abide with you.

Brethren, I am writing to you to repent before you to our God the Father for not telling you the truth in regards to the children.  I am asking for your forgiveness for the sinful act.  I hid from you the truth regarding my daughter Miriam whom I fathered in my third wife. But that daughter had no peace in the home.  That is why she was taken to the Myalirro Village where she was found and I moved to Kiboga
where I still live.

Brethren, I did not disclose all of those details to Pastor Paul Ssekabira or any of his fellow pastors.  I am asking for forgiveness for the acts relating to that child which has offended you and have hurt your ministry.  May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abide with you.

Yours, Anone Lulwangwa.

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